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Construction work in progress. . . . . . . .


Acoustic Data Transmission : Jan-06.

New Speed record achieve with new noise cancel algorithm

Development in progress..


Acoustic Image Pig: June-05.

The Acoustic Image Pig detects and locates leaks in oil pipeline

Development in final stage.


AutoPig: Jan-05.

Final instrumentation of the Danish pipeline from shore to the Shell refinery for DONG is now completed.

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Well Explorer: Nov-04.

Amerada Hess used Well Explorer on coiled tubing, South Arne North sea Denmark

Finished with good results.

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Farm Assist: Mar-05

The computer controlled food system was integrated into an existing manuel system with success.

The field test Phase #1 is now on going.

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Pipe Spy: Jul-04.

In two field tests more than 220 Km of oil pipe line was logged with good results.

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Well Monitor : Sep-02.

The Well Monitor System was delivering the vital real time pressure and temperature data during the production test of the two geothermal test wells tested in Sweden and Denmark.

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